What is included?

Get Full Access to our Online Courses (The Essence, MasterCartoon, Sparkling) + NEW Online Courses + Online optimized Courses + e-Feedback (Shot Follow Up) FREE!

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What else is included in your bundle?

Please note that access to course recordings NEVER expires so you may take as long as you need to complete the course at your own pace. Also, student's will receive courses accreditation/letter or recommendation upon successful completion of all courses. PLUS:

  • Feedback Focus

    Live, Written & Visual!

    As part of Essence of 3d Animation Course students may join Jorge Vigara, twice a month in live grouped feedback sessions. Student may ask any animation-related questions and receive feedback on their shots. PLUS! With E-Critiques students will receive formal written evaluation of their skills, area's of growth & visual feedback directly on their syncsketch frame notes from Jorge Vigara.

  • Rigs, rigs, rigs + animBot discount:

    Freebies and Discounts!

    This bundle will provide students with 1 year FREE Toyrig license + discount coupon of $10USD for animBot license + a 25% discount coupon for Artemis/Apollo rigs from Ramon Arango (Gumroad)

  • Full year program!

    With a value of over $2,000 worth of learning material providing students a full year's tuition.