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Please note that access to course recordings NEVER expires so you may take as long as you need to complete the course at your own pace. Also, student's will receive courses accreditation/letter or recommendation upon successful completion of all courses. PLUS:

  • Feedback Focus

    Live, Written & Visual!

    As part of Essence of 3d Animation Course students may join Jorge Vigara, twice a month in live grouped feedback sessions. Student may ask any animation-related questions and receive feedback on their shots. PLUS! With E-Critiques students will receive formal written evaluation of their skills, area's of growth & visual feedback directly on their syncsketch frame notes from Jorge Vigara.

  • Rigs, rigs, rigs + animBot discount:

    Freebies and Discounts!

    This bundle will provide students with 1 year FREE Toyrig license + discount coupon of $10USD for animBot license + a 25% discount coupon for Artemis/Apollo rigs from Ramon Arango (Gumroad). Any new exclusive discounts with partners will be provided as well!

  • Huge Savings:

    With a value of over $2,000 worth of learning material providing students a full year's tuition.

Who is teaching this?

Meet our warriors!

Stephen Eusebio

Cinematic Animator

Stephen Eusebio is from Los Angeles and has been a 3D artist and an Animator for 12 years. He currently works at Blizzard Cinematics. He has been there for almost 3 years animating for the best video game cinematics in the world. His work includes the cinematic and in-game cinematic shorts for Overwatch, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, Diablo, and World of Warcraft.

Scott Wright

2D&3D animation, Team Lead

Scott Wright is a 2d and 3d animator with 25+ years of feature film experience. He attended Sheridan College in Canada where he studied Character Animation and has his master’s degree in illustration from the Academy of Art. After graduating from college Scott was hired by DreamWorks Animation where he worked for 15 years as both a 2d and 3d animator. Over the past 10 years Scott has been freelancing for commercials, feature films, and tv shows as either a storyboard artist, character designer, prop designer and is currently working at DisneyTV as a 2d character animator. His film credits include; Prince of Egypt, The Road to Eldorado, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas, Madagascar, How to Train Your Dragon, SCOOB and many more. When not working, you will find Scott, well...drawing!

Andrés Bedate

Character Animator

Character animator with seven years of experience in animation, 3 of them in Feature Animation divisions for studios such as Cinesite("The Star"), Sony Pictures Imageworks ("Hotel Transylvania 3"), "Spiderman into the Spiderverse."), Bron Animation ("The Willoughbys" and recently back to Sony to work in the movie "Vivo". Additionally, currilculum includes work in TV series like "Pocoyo" in Zinkia Entertainment, TV advertising for “In Efecto” & freelance for several video game and apps companies in different parts of the world.

Jorge Vigara

Character Animator / Director / Founder

Jorge Vigara is a character animator and director with almost 15 years of experience in the animation film industry in movies like Hotel Transylvania, Despicable Me, Sausage Party, The Smurfs 2 and some others.

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