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MasterClass"The Essence of 3D animation" + Salsa Dance

Get the Essence of 3d Animation + Salsa Dance bundle package. Hours of tips and techniques by the hand of Jorge Vigara and Federico Abib - 14 year experience in the 3d animation film industry.

Expand your 3d animation skills with -MasterClass: The Essence of 3d Animation + Salsa Dance

What's in it for me?

With this bundle get the core techniques of 3D animation. Expand your creativity. Improve your posing with appeal for film quality shots, advanced blocking and polish, with Jorge Vigara. Plus, learn how to do a dancing cycle using simple techniques to get smooth results with the help of Federico Abib.

  • Get more than 13 hours of tips and tricks, and practices with Masterclass: The essence of 3d animation, and learn how to do an acting shot on 2's for film quality results.

  • Certificate: After completing all assignments and exercises from the Essence access a certificate/letter of recommendation which provides a detailed assessment of your skills by Jorge Vigara. NOTE: This is not a certificate of participation/course completeness, you got to WORK to get it. :)

  • OPEN FEEDBACK: Access TWO group sessions per month with Jorge Vigara, in which you may get direct feedback on your poses or do a Q&A.

  • Practice and learn strong planning skills with Federico Abib when animating a shot, specially usefull when working for big production companies, tight deadlines, and heavy rigs. Also, learn simple and very effective techniques on how to create a dancing cycle + acting shot to get "juicy" results.

  • PREMIUM TOYRIG LICENSE: Get 1 year license for Toyrig, our AAA character rig done by AAA film professional. Highly stylized and light, which you may use for the courses or any personal/student shot!

  • Animbot License: Get $10 discount for one of the most powerful animating tools used by Maya professionals.

  • 100% Flexible and unlimited access: Nurturing your creativity in a stress-free environment is our priority. The courses' access never expires, its yours once you purchase it (one-time payment). Plus, courses are deadline free, you may come back and resume course at any time.

  • FEATURE ME(Showcase): Send us your shots you've completed following the course or any other shot you've done with Toy and we will feature you on all our social media outlets!