* These are the recordings of the live classes hosted by Kaveh in Fall 2021. We are working towards improving the student experience - and edited version will be available soon. Thanks for your patience!

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • 1. Intro to to Creature Animation with Kaveh

    • 2. Big Cats/Lion Walks

    • 3. Big Cats/Lion Jump Blocking

    • 4. Canine/Dogs Closeup and Facial Blocking

    • 5. Canine Jump Blocking/Polish

    • 6. Horse Run/Jump Blocking

    • 7. Horse Run/Jump part 2

    • 8. Raptor Walk Blocking

    • 9. Lipsync blocking

    • 10. Dragon Blocking

    • 11. Dragon Flight

About the Instructor

Animation Supervisor at MPC

Kaveh Ruintan

My name is Kaveh, I'm originally from Iran, now living in Montreal. I fell in love with animation the first time I saw Baloo the Bear in the Jungle Book. We had it on VHS tape and I had watched it so many times that the image quality was almost nothing but white noise! I have a Master's degree in Fine Arts and been working professionally for more than 10 years on TV commercials, short films, TV series, feature and VFX films in different studios around the world. Currently I'm an animation supervisor at MPC working on Disney's Pinocchio. I think becoming a good animator is a never ending journey, I try to learn everyday, observe life and find inspiration. Outside of work, I love playing basketball, photography, reading and drawing. I try to stay hungry and stay foolish.