What are E-critiques

Animation e-critiques are online private reviews that we offer at Animawarriors with AAA professionals of the animation industry for you to help you gain clarity in which aspects you can improve in order to match the standards of the industry and to help you grow your skillsets.

These are not live one to one critiques - which would make the costs of them way up higher ;) - instead , e- critiques are reviews that combine written feedback and visual into the frame notes in your animation… like in a real studio production. You will just have to upload your work to Synksketch and we will take it from there. 

What can I expect from the E-critiques?

There is two kind of available e-critiques at this time. Our “one time E-critique” or “ Shot following up E-critiques “ . 

1. One time E-critique is ideal for showing reels or a particular stage of a shot that you’ve been working for some time and  feel you need some help with. Since this would be an only one time review, we will go evaluate over the most important aspects of your animation and tell you how are you doing. Also, we will make visual notes like in a studio style, for more precise and technical feedback in your work. 

Based on the style you are aiming and your career focus, we will base our feedback and evaluate your skills on:
- How is your Posing 
- How is your Character performance . This includes simplicity of ideas and creativity in general. 

- How is your Timing
- How is the Spacing ( If applicable )

- How is your Design of your animation.

- How are those Breakdowns doing ?. This includes trajectory tracking and the use of different techniques. 

- How is your splining ( if applicable )

2. “Shot following up” is designed for those who are planning to do a whole shot and want to have a direct review and following up of the most important stages of the shot : Blocking, Work in Progress and Spline. This is basically 3 “one time e-critiques” put together in a package a bit cheaper for those who wants a bit more of guidance over the shoulder. 

We will go over the main aspects we do in the one-time e critique , but we will add some extra feedback in key aspects that supports the creative process of bringing your shot to a final stage, like:

- How is your planing.

- Your workflow. 
- How is your creative process. 

- How is your finaling and cleanliness. This includes your delivery capabilities.

Please be mindful these are just temporary offerings we are doing due to the covid-19 situation. We commit to get back to you in your critiques in a 7 days time period, so plan your showing accordingly and we will appreciate your patience. 

Happy animating!

Check out our pricing options:

After purchase you have one month to send in your shot, you may prepare it and send it in for review with no rush.

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