Close Up Facial Acting in Animation with Kevin Nguyen

Winter 2021 new LIVE course!

Join Kevin Nguyen this Winter 2021 in brand new LIVE course. Learn in-depth crash course on close up in facial acting, from the chest up to the head. Understand core concepts of acting in live action and how it applies to animation.

How does this class work?

This class will be broken into 3 main modules:

  1. Eyes and brows. - First 3 weeks.    
  2. Whole face but no dialogue. - 3 weeks long.    
  3. Full lip sync acting. - Last 6 weeks    

For a total of 12 weeks of study. Students will also complete a series of assingments and receive feedback from Kevin Nguyen to further polish their skills.

*Make sure to enroll to FREE COURSE PREVIEW to view entire Syllabus and week by week breakdown.

What will students learn?

Course main focus will be:

  • Find appeal in the face based on Kevin's diverse professional experience.
  • Understanding the acting process. 

  •  Creating lip sync that is based off of face muscles.

 And more...

Starting this January 21, 2021. 

Every Thursday at 11:00AM (Vancouver time). 

12 sessions in total.


Check out this great Demo teaser Kevin has prepared: Adding Fleshiness to a Facial performance.

Just a small taste of what's to come soon this Winter 2021!

  • Skills Up!

    Learn an array of facial acting tips and techniques to take your close up animations to the next level. By the hand of Kevin Nguyen - 6 year experience in the animation industry.

  • Live Interactive

    Follow along as Kevin showcases an array of tips and techniques proved most useful for effective facial animation. Ask questions via the chat, and receive feedback on a series of assignments so you get lots of practice.

  • Flexible

    Can't make it to a session? Don't worry. All sessions will be recorded and uploaded here so you may go over them at your own pace. Course access never expires, and you may come back to it whenever you want.

  • Artemis & Apollo FREE rigs

    As part of this course get Artemis & Apollo bundle rigs for FREE. Created by Ramon Arango - Character Animator.

  • Toyrig & Animbot FREE License.

    You will also get FREE 6 month license for Toyrig character that you may also use for this course or any personal shot. Plus Animbot 4 months FREE license free - one of Maya's most powerful tools used by professional animators.

  • Accreditation

    Receive course accreditation/letter of recommendation upon successful course completion (All assignments) to aid you in your career path.

Course curriculum

Live Course Price

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Who is teaching this?

Kevin Nguyen

Kevin Nguyen is a freelance animator in New York City. He has been animating professionally for 6 years. He got his big break into feature film starting out as a Disney Apprentice. He then continued onto Sony Imageworks where he worked on several projects such as Angry Birds, Storks, and The Emoji Movie. He also got an opportunity to learn the lego style of animation when he joined Animal Logic on the production of Ninjago.