Finding The Shot Through Rhythm

With Stephen Eusebio - 12 year experience in the animation industry.

Have you tried describing what you wanted your shot to feel like? Or what your shot sounds like to you in your head? Finding The Shot Through Rhythm is another method of executing your shot but starting from the Rhythm and the Energy. Study a lecture and walk through a shot with Stephen Eusebio in Finding The Shot Through Rhythm!


In this class, students will learn about utilizing a flexible workflow that can be used for almost any type of shot. They’ll learn how to listen to their instincts, find a connection to the shot, and turn those intuitions into something practical and useful. Beginning a shot from the Rhythm and the Energy can have a lot of utility and unlock many different ways of approaching your animation!

Students are then welcomed to try and create shots with the method they learn from the lectures/demos & will be able to access 6 live "Follow Up Classes" with Stephen Eusebio.


This course will be broken into these main components:

  1. Lecture

  2. Shot Start

  3. Rhythm Pass

  4. Shot Walkthrough - 1st pass

  5. Shot Walkthrough - 2nd pass

  6. Shot Walkthrough - Polishing & Finaling


Each module will be released on a monthly(approximately) basis starting on February 19.

Pre-Sale pricing subject to change as course material is uploaded, until we reach course completion.

Course curriculum

Please note lessons displayed as a point of reference. Many more lessons will be added once each new module becomes available.

  • 1

    Introduction to this course

  • 2

    Module 01: Rhythm Lecture

    • Finding The Shot

    • Hearing The Rhythm.

    • Application.

    • Alternative Methods & Tips.

  • 3

    Module 02: Shot Start

    • Planning

    • Scene Optimizing

    • Rig setup

    • Shot setup.

  • 4

    Module 03: Rhythm Pass

    • Animating The Rhythm.

    • Adding Texture.

    • Applying The Rhythm.

    • Animating The Shot.

  • 5

    Module 04: 1st Pass

    • Animation 1st Pass Pt.01

    • Animation 1st Pass Pt.02

    • Animation 1st Pass Pt.03

    • Animation 1st Pass Pt.04...

  • 6

    Module 05: 2nd Pass

    • Animation 1nd Pass Pt.05

    • Animation 2nd Pass Pt. 06

    • Animation 2nd Pass Pt. 07

    • Animation 2nd Pass Pt. 08

  • 7

    Module 06: Polishing & Finaling

    • Animation Polishing Pt. 01

    • Animation Polishing Pt. 02

    • Animation Finaling

    • Presentation tips

What's in it for me?

  • Skills Up!

    Grow your animation skills with a flexible workflow based on Stephen Eusebio 12 year experience in the animation industry.

  • Course Certificate

    Upon successful course completion and original shot delivery receive course accreditation/letter of recommendation to aid you in your career path.

  • Follow Up Classes

    Students will be able to access 6 live "Follow Up Classes" with Stephen Eusebio to receive shot feedback and style meetings.

  • Toyrig and Animbot license.

    Students will get FREE Toyrig license for 4 months and a $10 USD discount for Animbot license - One of Maya's most powerful tools used by professional animators.

  • Feature Me

    Share with us any shots you prepare for this course and we will feature you on our newsletter and social outlets to aid you in your networking.

  • Unlimited Access

    Enrollment for course never expires. So you may take your time and review all material & recordings at your own pace!

Special Pre-Sale Pricing

Note: Pricing subject to change as drip release starts. (February 19).

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