What's the course about?

Learning how to take advantage of the current technology and make it work for you instead of working against it. 3d animation can be technologically intimidating, and with so many different options on how to work, it can also be very overwhelming to deal with. In this course, Kevin will give you a systematic approach that includes the old school ways that 2d animators used and the new workflows that take advantage of the computer and make the program work for you.   

Students will learn:

  • How to mix pose to pose and layered animation simultaneously in blocking and polish.

  • Helpful scripts that speeds up workflow.

  • How to use maya efficiently:

  • maximize graph editor

  • anim layers

  • different approaches to blocking depending on the needs of the shot

  • Skills Up!

    Learn a hybrid workflow with Kevin Nguyen from pose to pose to layered animation to take your 3d animation skills to the next level. Learning how to take advantage of the current technology and make it work for you instead of working against it.

  • Online Optimized!

    AW Team and instructor are working hard to edit each class into a more cohesive and easy-to-follow online course experience. Plus English Subtitles will be available as well!

  • Accreditation

    Receive course accreditation/letter of recommendation upon completion to aid you in your career path.

  • Feature Me!

    Put your learning to the test and apply Kevin's Hybrid Workflow on your own shots and workarounds & send them to us so we may feature you on our social media outlets to aid you in your networking.

  • Twigs Rig/Toyrig/animBot

    We will be using Twigs rig for this course - approved by Agora.Studio. Plus get Free full access to ToyRig for 3 months to use it for this course and any personal/student shot you'd like to do. Plus get $10USD discount for animBot license - one of Maya's most powerful toolsets for professional animators.

  • Flexible

    Access to recordings and additional learning material never expires so you may come back to it whenever you want!


    Access twice a month, Q&A grouped sessions with Jorge Vigara in which you may ask him any animating question related to the course, or feedback on your shot.

Course curriculum

Who is teaching this?

Kevin Nguyen

Freelance Animator

Kevin Nguyen is a freelance animator in New York City. He has been animating professionally for 6 years. He got his big break into feature film starting out as a Disney Apprentice. He then continued onto Sony Imageworks where he worked on several projects such as Angry Birds, Storks, and The Emoji Movie. He also got an opportunity to learn the lego style of animation when he joined Animal Logic on the production of Ninjago. During the time that Kevin was in feature films, he was in a long distance relationship with his now fiance, who lives in NYC. Kevin always knew that he had to find a way back to her. Near the end of 2017 he was introduced to the freelance life, and that completely changed his mindset. Since then he has been a freelance animator, creating his own company, Kwin-Z Artist inc, and has worked on numerous projects such as Google Spotlight’s “Age of Sail” that was directed by John Kahrs, Netflix’s Love Death and Robots shortfilm “Suits” (not on his public reel because of NDA rules), several feature films such as “Scoob!” and “Ugly Dolls”, and a number of cinematics from Blur. The fast paced freelance animation lifestyle forced him to adapt quickly to each new production. It was because of this that Kevin slowly developed the hybrid workflow. When Kevin is not animating you can find him lacing up and playing basketball with his friends. He is a huge fan of the NBA and when the season starts Kevin can easily be found glued to his TV watching games. When he’s not obsessing over animation and basketball, he loves to spend time with his fiance going for walks in Central Park or watching Broadway shows because of his love for musicals. So far, “Hamilton” and “The Book of Mormon” are his two favorites!

What students say about "Hybrid Workflow"

“I would love to send back my experience. Regarding Kevin's hybrid Workflow, The class was overall a deep learning experience! A lot of really small tricks that I have now adopted. I would consider this class as a great supplementary class for both beginners and advanced animators. For beginners, this class will show how to work efficiently and take advantage of everything Maya and aimbot can offer. While for advanced animators, Kevin's workflow can add so much to an experienced animator arsenal. Kevin as a mentor is great! he's very down to earth and easy to interact with. In the class, Kevin can keep the interest high during his demos and the way he explains his tools are very accurate and simple. I highly recommend anyone to take his workflow class and if he does mentorship! I can tell he will be an amazing mentor.”

Gerome Gan

“The Hybrid workflow is a very good course as I thought It would be, I needed more insight into a proper workflow, setting up a shot and to work on my speed, and this course was able to help me with that. Kevin was a very good teacher, he knows exactly what he’s talking about and was able to answer all of our questions thoroughly and correctly. Kevin taught me a lot of new tricks I did not know and more about certain things in animation and maya I already knew. I will be taking his new class in January (if its within my budget) lol . Thank you animawarriors for providing this course, it was definitely something I needed and the price…was right!! ”

Keala Beals

“Hybrid workflow was a super informative course, Kevin gives super clear demos to explain the concepts behind his approach. I have already implemented many of the tips / tricks he gave into my own personal workflow and will be revisiting the lectures as they are packed with useful and actionable information. I would totally recommend it!”

Chester Sampson

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