What you'll learn

This course contains 6 lessons and it's around 10 hours long. The main highlights you'll learn are...

  • Learn the main poses for any animated walking cycle. These poses or so called Key Poses or Golden Poses are the foundation for any body mechanics work that you may want to do in the future.

  • Get tips and tricks to reference your work and understand how to study reality using different tools and methods. Animation is the art of imitating the real world so planning is an essential part of the process.

  • Learn the principles and the workflows for doing breakdowns as your animation progresses. Adding definition to your animations is essential to help your animations have organicity and dynamism but also to help the viewers understand the intention behind it.


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  • 6 Assignments

    Follow up with the teacher along with the creation of your animated exercises. Once you are ready to show, we will get one of our experienced teachers to criticize your work and have a deeper learning experience.

  • Open Feedback

    Access to twice monthly Q&A grouped sessions with any of our recognized teachers in which you may ask any question related to the course, or for feedback on your shot.

  • Unlimited access

    This course is 100% flexible with no deadlines. Adjust the progress to your personal situation and come back anytime. So don't stress ;)

  • AnimBot coupon

    Get a $10 discount coupon on animBot licenses! One of the most powerful toolsets for Maya Animators!

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    We can provide access to a certificate of completion OR a letter of recommendation, that you'll be able to use to support your career.

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Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Session 01 | Vanilla Walk Cycle | Blocking

    • Session 02 | Vanilla Walk Cycle | Breakdowns

    • Session 03 | Jump In Place | Blocking

    • Session 04 |Jump in Place | Breakdowns

    • Session 05 | Dance To The Beat | Blocking

    • Session 06 | Dance To The Beat | Breakdowns

  2. 2
    • Study files

  3. 3
    • Assignment #1 - Walk Cycle Blocking

    • Assignment #2 - Walk Cycle Breakdowns.

    • Assignment #3 - Jump Blocking.

    • Assignment #4 - Jump Breakdowns.

    • Assignment #5 - Dance Blocking.

    • Assignment #6 - Dance Breakdowns.

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Who is teaching this?

Animator at Animal Logic

Miren Delgado

Miren Delgado is a character animator from Spain, with 9 years of professional experience, currently working at AnimalLogic, Vancouver. After finishing her Master Degree in Fine Arts, Miren focused on learning animation, first in a school in Barcelona, then through Animation Mentor, and later she intercalated working in studios like Ilion (Madrid) and Arx Anima (Vienna), and taking Animation Workshops such AnimSquad to keep developing her animation skills. After her first professional steps in Europe, Miren moved to Canada in 2016 and since then she has been working at studios in Vancouver: Bardel Animation, participating in projects for Nickelodeon and Rovio, Cinesite on The Addams Family, and Animal Logic on The Lego Movie 2, DC League of Super Pets and currently on a new unannounced show. The creative and team-work nature of animation gives her the boost of inspiration to have a learning and evolving attitude in her work. Other than animation Miren, loves creating watercolor art, playing ukulele, surfing, bouldering and recently started longboard skating.