Turbo Skills Mentorship - LIVE 3D Animation Course

Main objective is to provide a course to boost your skills as animator, learning how to apply and improve your abilities in the animation making process with direct and complete exercises; in order to propel you into becoming a more advanced animator. A mixture of lessons and rounds to provide solid fundamentals and a lot of practices to boost your skills.

*From September 14 to November 12. Every Monday and Thursday. 6:30PM (Vancouver time, GMT -7). 18 Sessions in total. VERY LIMITED SEATING!
  • Turbo Up!

    Grow as an animator with a mixture of lectures + rounds designed for beginners/intermediate animators. Lessons will show step by step animation, workflows, clear examples of how to do and apply specific techniques.

  • Practice, practice, practice...

    Get tons of practices to polish your skills!

  • Free regular license of ToyRig

    Free full access to ToyRig for 6 months to use it for this course and any personal/student shot you'd like to do.

  • Animbot coupon

    Get Animbot license free for 4 months.

  • Accreditation

    Receive course accreditation/letter of recommendation upon completion to aid you in your career path.

  • Flexible

    All sessions will be recorded and uploaded here so you may go over them on your own time, same with assignments. Course access never expires and you may come back to it whenever you want.

What our Students are saying:

5 star rating

Amazing Feedback

Ajibola Adewole-Oyebokun

Got great feedback on how to improve my shot and the best workflow to achieve a great shot.

Got great feedback on how to improve my shot and the best workflow to achieve a great shot.

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5 star rating

Super Helpful!

Giulia Arnaboldi

Course curriculum

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    • Important Class details and links:

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    • Class 1 - Recording

    • Class 2.1 Recording

    • Class 2.2 Recording

  4. 4
    • Class 3 Recording

    • Class 4 Recording

  5. 5
    • Class 5 Recording

    • Class 6 Recording

  6. 6
    • Class 7 Recording

    • Class 8 Recording

  7. 7
    • Class 9 Recording

    • Class 10 Recording

  8. 8
    • Class 11 Recording

    • Class 12 Recording

  9. 9
    • Class 13 Recording

    • Class 14 Recording

  10. 10
    • Class 15 Recording

    • Class 16 Recording

  11. 11
    • Class 17 Recording

    • Class 18 Recording

Live Course Price

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Who is teaching this?

Andrés Bedate - watch his reel below.

Character animator with seven years of experience in animation, 3 of them in Feature Animation divisions for studios such as Cinesite("The Star"), Sony Pictures Imageworks ("Hotel Transylvania 3"), "Spiderman into the Spiderverse."), Bron Animation ("The Willoughbys" and recently back to Sony to work in the movie "Vivo"
Watch Intro Video

Check out FREE preview lesson! (From May 4 class)

Watch Intro Video

Check out Andres' reel here!