PLEASE NOTE: Currently each course includes 10 unedited/uncut classes of about 1hr-3hrs long. Each class will be broken down into a more easy-to-follow online format with English subtitling. (Pre-Sale Pricing subject to change once optimized recordings are uploaded).

What's in it for me?

  • Skills Up!

    Grow your animation skills with a plethora of tips and techniques highly useful for professional animators by the hand of Kevin Nguyen, Scott Wright and Jorge Vigara.

  • Online Optimized!

    AW Team and instructor are working hard to edit each class into a more cohesive and easy-to-follow online course experience. Plus English Subtitles will be available as well.

  • Accreditation

    Upon successful completion receive course(s) certificate of completion to aid you in your professional career path.

  • Feature Me!

    Apply tips and techniques demonstrated by instructor(s) - Jorge Vigara, Kevin Nguyen & Scott Wright - and work on your own shot! We will feature your work on our social media outlets to aid you in your netowrking!

  • Toyrig License and AnimBot discount

    Get 1 year Premium license for Toyrig - AAA character rig done by AAA film industry professionals. Plus, $10 USD discount coupon for animBot - one of Maya's most powerful tools for professional animators.

  • Flexible

    Access to course recordings and additional learning content never expires, so you may come back to it whenever you want.

Get your animating on with Kevin Nguyen, Jorge Vigara and Scott Wright!

Enjoy an array of tips and special techniques by industry experts at a FRACTION of the price!

What our students got to say:

“I would love to send back my experience. Regarding Kevin's hybrid Workflow, The class was overall a deep learning experience! A lot of really small tricks that I have now adopted. I would consider this class as a great supplementary class for both beginners and advanced animators. For beginners, this class will show how to work efficiently and take advantage of everything Maya and aimbot can offer. While for advanced animators, Kevin's workflow can add so much to an experienced animator arsenal. Kevin as a mentor is great! he's very down to earth and easy to interact with. In the class, Kevin can keep the interest high during his demos and the way he explains his tools are very accurate and simple. I highly recommend anyone to take his workflow class and if he does mentorship! I can tell he will be an amazing mentor.”

Gerome Gan

“I have done other similar courses to Animawarriors online over the years. Other courses worked mainly as feedback sessions on particular shots, which is fine if that is your goal. However, Jorge separated himself from others when he explained his work flow. The workflow lessons Jorge teaches in Animawarriors not only helped us complete shots in the course, it has helped me become a more efficient animator at work as well. It translates to any shot you are animating and helps you focus on one thing at a time in order of priority. The course was amazing and I have recommended it to many of my peers. Thank you!! ”

Thomas Thistlethwaite

“2D Power Ups was amazing! It exceeded my expectations, the content is very useful for animators and character designers. Have Scott as a teacher was an amazing experience, he is a super-master on the field and superb person, is very funny and friendly. He knows a lot of the industry and is open to share all his knowledge with us, he never left unanswered questions I highly recommend this course without any doubt. ”

Gerardo Labana