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This summer take a dive with our brand new courses.

We are excited to announce that we will have more 2d focused classes with seasoned PRO, Scott Wright in brand new course “2d POWER UPS for 3d animators”. With an array of tips and practices, in this class you will learn to use a 2d brain to create 3d images. Providing 2d basics intertwined with 3d movements. By going back to 2d basics and understanding how you think when you draw, it will unleash a whole new 3d spectrum of possibilities.

Also, the amazingly talented Kevin Nguyen in “Hybrid Workflow” course, Kevin will give you a systematic approach that includes the old school ways that 2d animators used and the new workflows that take advantage of the computer and make the program work for you. With a mix pose to pose and layered animation simultaneously in blocking and polish.

Plus get access to most essential "Maya + animBot Workshop" resources and tips and tricks from Stephen Eusebio for professional animators. 

To top it all off, get full access to entire MasterCartoon course  so you may stretch your imagination with extremely exaggerated, snappy animations. And 1 E-critique, our new shot feedback method, so you may send in your shot/reel for review by Jorge Vigara.

Our Summer Box of Chocolates include:

Here are all the courses that are included in your bundle. NOTE: Access to recordings and course content NEVER expires, so you may come back to it at any time.

What's in it for me?

Navigate and choose your path by learning from seasoned instructors. What is included in your bundle:

  • Get Summer Bundle Accreditation/Letter of Recommendation + Certificate for MasterClass: MasterCartoon!

  • Get 6 month license for Toyrig, AAA character rig created by AAA film professionals. PLUS 4 months FREE Animbot license.

  • Feature Me: Get your work featured on all our social media outlets.

  • Get 2d Power Ups for 3d animators from Scott Wright - over 20+ year experience in the animation industry.

  • Solidify your Maya/animBot skills and cheats with Stephen Eusebio - Character animator at Blizzard Cinematics.

  • Learn new layered+pose to pose skills ideal for remote animators with Kevin Nguyen.

  • Get one shot evaluation with E-critiques, so you may further improve on your animation skills or prepare a reel for studios.

  • Can't make it to a live session? Don't worry. Access to course content studio and recordings never expire, so you may always come back to them and review at your own pace.

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